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Bubbles: Tech, Housing and Gum

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In the decades of the 80s and 90s, America found herself at the mercy of economic down turns when bubbles burst. Now as we head for a new year, we find ourselves riding the wave again. Have we learned anything from yesteryear?

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Bubbles: Tech, Housing and Gum

Americans like The Tennessee Mountain Man are such optimists and patriots that the country just keeps growing and growing despite the messes of our own making and those imposed on us. And, without once considering where it is taking us.

Little wonder we know neither what the Holy Book nor the Hebrew, Muslim, or Christian prophets such as Michel de Nostredame have to say. Having lost the meaning of charity (love), the most important gift we had to lose the rest. We have even corrupted and confused “profit” with “prophet” as in Wise geek dot com says, in part: “The term prophet has several definitions and is based on issues of faith and belief. Loosely, a prophet is one of two things:
1) He or she receives a direct message from the divine, which is meant to be communicated to others.
2) He or she is able to somehow tap into divine knowledge and make predictions about the future of the world or about individuals.”

But I digress thinking upon the cause rather than the reality. The Reality for example: The Tennessee Mountain Man hates chewing gum of any kind. He hates it being spit on the ground where it sticks to his shoes. He especially hates seeing bubbles being blown with bubble gum and hearing people who can’t resist popping and smacking their chewing and bubble gum, a problem not associated with smokeless tobacco products.

Remote Helpdesk 1 is much more likely to terminate a computer repair technician for chewing gum than reporting to work with a hangover, or chewing tobacco. Outsourced IT Services customers do not want to hear a tech or anyone else chewing and popping gum or food in their ears.

Burk Pendergrass hates it when bubbles of any kind burst because someone always gets negatively effected. But the age old gum mess should have at least taught us how to recognize a bubble. It is, after all, exactly what the name implies. It is a bubble and bubbles all do the same thing. They tend to swell to an unsustainable point where they burst splattering all over anything or anyone within range.

In the 80’s everyone was chasing a realtor’s license because real property is where the money was. The result, almost everyone got burned.

In the 90’s the tech industry had seemingly come of age and anyone and everyone with a nickel to invest was chasing tech stocks. The and result, everyone got burned.

2008 is almost here and guess what? Tech stocks are back in vogue while real estate investors are taking a beating once again. Guess what?

Bubbles: We may be patriotic and we may be optimistic, but for a capitalistic society we sure are short on memory. It is simply amazing that we can remember in an instant all the negatives associated with chewing gum and bubble gum, while blinded by our inherent driving greed we can’t or won’t see that big heavy bowling ball racing towards us like a speeding bullet getting ready to knock our feet out from under us again.

So far, we haven’t seen men killing themselves in numbers like the last stock market crash, but what else could such a greedy future hold?

Don’t the Holy Bible speak on this? Bible? Ah, yes. That uh…That Book mother always had prominently displayed in the living room and den. That Book which was always on the corner of dad’s desk. Didn’t it say something about gaining the whole world and loosing your soul? I wonder what ever happened to that Book?

Today every subject and discipline and government agency has it’s own “bible” usually with the word “Bible” being part of the name or title. There is the evil bible at, the computer repair bible, the windows bible, the photoshop bible, the investor’s bible, the job hunter’s bible, and even the novel…”The Poisonwood Bible”. Wonder what those bibles say about technological advances, bubbles, gum, greed and housing and God knowing you have need of these things and that He will provide? Wonder how their text compares with what dad’s Bible said?

Oh, well…It is just human nature – Bubbles: Tech, Housing and Gum. In fact, see the tracks? A bubble head has recently been here. Better watch where you are stepping!

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