ChatGPT has passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Will It Be Your Future Physician?

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ChatGPT has gotten a lot of attention since it was released last year. It doesn’t help that everyone from university professors to the world’s most powerful tech businesses (i.e. people who should know better) appear hellbent on exaggerating the chatbot’s capabilities.

Recent research indicated that ChatGPT might pass legal and business school exams, adding fuel to the flames. A peer-reviewed study published on February 9 in the journal PLOS Digital Health discovered that the chatbot might pass the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).

The study, first reported last month, has finally been published, which is sure to raise further concerns.

Let’s get this out of the way right away. Is it possible that your doctor will one day be a chatbot? No. However, it is possible that clinicians and hospitals will one day incorporate a tool like ChatGPT. They will use it into future diagnosis or treatment planning.

THE USMLE exam Set & Chat GPT

The USMLE is a set of three exams. That assess students on a wide range of medical subjects such as biochemistry, clinical medicine, patient management, and bioethics. Each one must be passed in order to obtain a medical licence in the United States.

Test takers must score at least 60% on the examinations in order to pass the USMLE. ChatGPT was evaluated on 350 of 376 publicly available USMLE questions from June 2022. ChatGPT scored between 52.4 percent to 75 percent on the three USMLE examinations, putting it “comfortably within the passing range.”

“Without any specialised training or reinforcement, ChatGPT performed at or near the passing threshold for all three assessments,” the authors said.

“These findings suggest that massive language models may have the potential to aid in medical education and, potentially, clinical decision-making,” they added later.

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