Brain Food

Brain Food Our brain controls so many functions of our body besides being the powerhouse of information. Few vital functions of our brain are motor control, visual processing, auditory processing,…

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Alzheimers Alzheimers affects that part of brain that control thought, memory, and language, it is one of the most common form of Dementia (destruction of brain cells to cause decline…

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All About Amnesia

All About Amnesia Amnesia is a disorder of brain that affects the remembering aspect of once memory. It is caused by severe head injury or thru intake of toxic substance…

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Why Would You Memorise

Why Would You 'Memorise'? The English language is a complex language in the way that it makes words sound different from the way they are spelled. The meanings can vary…

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The Words Evade Me

The Words Evade Me If you've ever felt like you're losing your mind because you're drawing mental blanks more often it's time to examine your cause for memory loss. Sometimes…

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