Why Would You Memorise

Why Would You ‘Memorise’?

The English language is a complex language in the way that it makes words sound different from the way they are spelled. The meanings can vary greatly as well, but the spelling can be a bigger challenge.

The word memory has several different words associated with it, such as memories, memorization, memorize, memo, memorandum, memorized, memorizing. Then you have words like mnemonic, which is of or helping the memory. The word remember, means recall, which is to bring back to the memory. Recollect means remember.

But the spelling itself may confuse someone. Some people mistakenly spell the word memorize with an s, as in ‘memorise’. They both sound similar. After all, the word sunrise is spelled with an s. Then you have the saying, ‘rise and shine’. The word horizon is spelled with a z. Confused yet? It’s completely understandable! There’s the word arouse, spelled with an s. Mesozoic is spelled with both the s and the z, as is mesmerize. Magazine uses the z. So, if you misspell the word and use ‘memorise’ instead, don’t worry. Many people confuse the spelling.

No wonder it is hard for some children (and adults who speak another language) to memorize spelling! It is a wonder a search engine can find the words you want in the correct spelling. But the wonderful thing about search engines is, even if you spell the word memorise instead of the correct way, the wonderfully knowledgeable computer can work its magic and send you in the right direction!

The brain has to process a ton of information just in the early phases of learning. To exercise and improve the memory is one of the most beneficial processes of getting to the next phases of life, education, and business (later on, of course). Some say that a babe in the womb can exercise its memory by the mother’s use of classical music during its development. It stimulates the mind, which stimulates the learning process, and memory is the key to the learning process. Some mothers-to-be will play educational tapes or cds to their unborn children.

Some people encourage the memory process by listening to recordings while they sleep. There have been students who listen to their studies while they sleep. Some attempt to learn another language this way.

Hypnosis can help in this way as well, to those who are susceptible to such. There are programs that use hypnosis to help people stop smoking and lose weight, and gain self-confidence. It embeds the information in the self-conscious, so the mind will remember and use it when necessary.

Beepers are invented to help find lost keys, tape recorders are used in class to help recall important information for passing tests, memo pads sell every day in office supply stores. So, don’t despair if you have a little trouble remembering how to spell.

Try using a recording while you sleep to get your memory in top shape and enhance your spelling abilities. Try taking a seminar on memory, reading books on the subject, watching videos, or grab a friend and take a class together. The memory is the key to success.

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