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Tropical Plants for Your Landscaped Backyard

A tropical landscaping job for your backyard may take some effort to achieve. This is especially true in areas where a tropical setting for a back yard may not always be possible. But it does not necessarily mean that it can’t be accomplished. Trying to emulate a tropical setting can be doable in landscape design by learning about some helpful tips.

Trying to create a wonderful tropical landscape can take some time to plan. Then comes the time to choose the plants that you wish to add up in your planned tropical landscape design. There are actually a number of tropical plants that you can use to create that appropriate setting that you wish to display in your backyard.

When you say “tropical” when it comes to plants, palm trees usually come to mind. Palm trees can easily give your backyard that tropical feel. When choosing the right palm tree for your tropical landscaping plans, there are usually some important things to consider. You have to know which palm trees would grow well in your area. For this, you must try to learn about a certain palm tree’s ability to withstand cold, their sunlight requirements as well as their height especially when there are space limitations to consider.

There are two kinds of palm trees. There is the palmate which is characterized by leaves having lobes that fan out from a common point. Palmate leaves usually resemble an opened hand with fingers jutting out from a common center. Then there are pinnate palm trees whose leaves are characterized by leaflets branching out along both sides of a main stalk, much like resembling a feather.

Different palm trees can be chosen according to how they can withstand cold, plant size and height as well as for their sunlight requirements. If you are looking for smaller versions of palm trees for your backyard, you may want to check out Lady Palm trees. These tropical palms usually grow to a height of four to eight feet. Lady palm trees usually do well in places that afford some filtered light or shade rather than being exposed to sunlight directly. Lady palm trees are also able to withstand temperatures for up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you wish to have majestic palm trees in your home, then you might want to have Queen palm trees that can grow as high up as 50 feet. This type of palm tree has pinnate leaves and can withstand cold for up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. A big disadvantage though is that Queen palm trees require healthy amounts of direct sunlight to grow and may not be a good choice if you have a shady backyard.

Aside from palm trees, there are also other plants that can help give your backyard that tropical look. Bamboo, for example may help give your backyard not only a tropical look but also some Oriental feel. It would be good to know that there are some species of bamboo that are able to withstand freezing temperatures. Some species are hardy enough to withstand temperatures of up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Such bamboo species would really help transform your backyard into your very own tropical landscaping paradise.

And mind you, the use of plants is just but one of the many ways that you can employ to make a tropical enclave out of your own backyard. Research and careful planning would make it all possible.

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