Putin brought his 'most unhinged speech yet' -- but he's 'likely greater terrified than all people': foreign policy expert

Putin brought his ‘most unhinged speech yet’ — but he’s ‘likely greater terrified than all people’: foreign policy expert

On Friday, writing for The Atlantic, foreign policy commentator and previous Naval War College professor Tom Nichols laid into Vladimir Putin for his “maximum unhinged speech but,” in which he declared eastern portions of Ukraine his after a sham referendum wherein Ukrainians have been forced to “vote” to sign up for Russia at gunpoint.

“Putin’s rant become intended to make the arena quail in fear,” wrote Nichols. “In fact, Putin is probable greater terrified than all of us proper now: He’s a Russian dictator dropping a struggle of aggression, and he knows how that could give up for him. In his speech, he justified the conflict in Ukraine the usage of the whole thing from the boundaries of historical Russia to what he sees as the illegitimate dissolution of the Soviet Union. With sheer brass, he then complained about Western colonialism and human-rights violations — this, from the leader of a country with a long and bloody history, from the tsars to Stalin and past, of enslaving and murdering tens of millions.”

“Addressing the regime in Kyiv and ‘their actual bosses within the West,’ Putin dove right into a steaming vat of paranoia, grandiosity, and inferiority, a stew whose poisonous fumes have usually permeated the Kremlin,” wrote Nichols. “He claimed that the West hates ‘Russian philosophy and concept,’ as though humans in Washington and London spend a lot of time thinking about any of that. He fulminated about trans people — almost absolutely hoping that the same old beneficial idiots inside the right-wing American press will select up on it — and noted the ‘overthrow of religion and traditional values’ in the West as equivalent to ‘Satanism.'”

According to Nichols, Putin is “looking to rally the maximum retrograde segments of Russian society at the same time as in search of to cut up the West with his ordinary rhubarb about defending Christian values.”

And if you want to recast his unlawful invasion as a protection of the Russian place of birth, he has “grew to become occupied Ukrainian territory into ‘Russia’ and magically transformed subjugated Ukrainians into “Russians.'”

“We can’t let him get away with it,” concluded Nichols. “We didn’t stand down within the face of the Soviet system that created this gangster, and we have to now not stand down now. As NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said today, Ukraine has every proper to recover its very own territory and loose its humans. If Putin’s function is that that is motive for a fair wider and extra reckless battle, then it’s miles his preference, no longer ours.”



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