Presidents Birthdays Celebrated

Not all birthdays are celebrated by the whole country, but
in the instance of celebrating the birth of our Presidents,
we not only get to celebrate, but lets face it, it is
always fun to have a day off work.

The day our Presidents birthdays are celebrated is a
National holiday. But it has not always been celebrated at
the same time.

On the third Monday in February, we take time to celebrate
the birthdays of some former Presidents. Originally though
the Presidents birthdays were celebrated separately.

February 22 is George Washington’s actual birthday and the
holiday we know now, as Presidents day was actually to
celebrate his birthday.

Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated at a different time,
although his birthday is actually February 12. Lincoln’s
birthday was never a federal holiday like Washington’s.

The late 1980’s is when the term Presidents Day began its
appearance with a push from advertisers. Now, Presidents
Day is to honor both Washington and Lincoln and often other
Presidents of the United States. But it is not the same
throughout the US.

In fact, in Massachusetts the governor issues an annual
Presidents Day proclamation honoring Presidents that come
from Massachusetts. Alabama observes the day as Washington
and Jefferson Day, and in Virginia, George Washington’s
home state, the holiday is known simply as George
Washington Day.

So while we all celebrate this day dedicated to our
Presidents, it is easy to see that it is not as equally
revered throughout the country.

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