Pool Landscaping 101

There are three things to think about when you are planning pool landscaping. It has to offer privacy and safety for those who are there as well as beautify the surroundings.

This can be done by putting plants around the swimming pool because it helps make the pool blend in with the environment. If the plants are tall enough, these are able to block “peeping Toms” from watching whoever is at the pool.

When choosing plants, it is best to select those that require low maintenance so that you don’t have to fish the leaves or petals that are blown into the water. One good option is to use a broadleaf evergreen such as a holly.

Since you want people to relax when they are by the pool, you can also use tropical looking plants like the aspidistra, aucuba, banana tree, caladiums, elephant ears, cyperus, Fatsia japonica and palms.

You must never make the mistake of putting plants with thorns near the pool. It could also injure someone or tear off the fabric of their clothes, swimsuits or towels.

Instead of planting flowers in the grass, you can also do so by putting them in containers. The advantage of doing is that you can move these indoors when it is too cold especially during the winter and then bring them back the following spring.

You should avoid planting fruit trees by the pool because they could dirty the surrounding area and also attract bees. Surely, you do not want any of your guests to get stung. Another reason is that their roots will soon damage the tiles o f your swimming pool.

Homeowners should also avoid evergreens like oaks and pines because they don’t only drop leaves but also acorns, leaves and needles.

But don’t all trees shed their leaves? They all do but there are those that drop their leaves for a short period of time like the forsythia and maples.

Safety for those in the pool can be done by putting up a fence. If the metal bars are an eye sore, grow vines around them. If you have guests that will be swimming in the evening, make sure there are lights around the perimeter and in the water.

Another safety that you can be around the pool is a patio because it has a non-slip surface for which people can walk on even if they have just come out of the pool. You can also create the same effect by using bricks as long as the surface is rough.

So guests do not enter the house with their feet still wet, it will be a good idea to have a closed gazebo nearby so they can change and at the same time relax in the shade. Those who want to sunbathe can sit on a lounge chair or on an Adirondack chair.

Reading about this should already teach you a few do’s and don’ts with regards to pool landscaping. For those who want more information, it is best to read some books, do some research online, talk to someone at the local nursery and get advice from a professional.

All of this input will ensure that your swimming pool will look good all year round so your guests may drop by anytime and take a plunge.

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