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Listen to raido signal, and head to nuka transit center on west of map. Fight off the gunnars that are protecting the area, and then head down the escalator at the south end into the transit center. Speak to Harvey who is injured. could play out multiple ways, but you will get a code for the control terminal. this will restore power to the monorail train. board the train and activate the controls to head to nuka world.

you will be on an automatic trip into nuka world, Gauge will introduce himself to you over the PA system, and suggest you won’t last long. hes interested in meeting you if you do though. once you arrive the quest will finish.

Nuka World Power Plant

Taken for a Ride

work through and survive the gauntlet. pick between 3 doors, go to the left door.An Ambitious Plan

After emerging from the Cola-cars Arena you’ll have an objective to speak to Gage at the top of Fizztop Mountain. You’ll find yourself in Nuka-town USA, where you can meet a few roaming raiders and also meet N.I.R.A.. Between some N.I.R.A. and some other NPCs, you may pick up some side quests as you head towards Fizztop Mountain, but for now let’s focus on getting to Gage. Once you arrive at the mountain, don’t head in the front door, and instead summon down the elevator outside and ride up to the top.

Nuka World Power Plant

You’ll meet Gage again, and he will explain your role in his plans to unify the gangs again. You’ll receive new quest objectives to speak to the leaders of the Disciples, the Operators and The Pack. Gage has a lot more info to pass on, but you can get going whenever you’re ready.

The Disciples are the first and easiest to reach, being located in the main interior of Fizztop Mountain. Head in to the mountain and you’ll meet Nisha, the leader of the Disciples. This meeting really just serves as an introduction, so whether you suck up to her and her gang, or just dismiss their proclaimed superiority, it doesn’t really matter. After wrapping up the conversation, Nisha will likely offer you a side quest if you want to help out her gang. These are radiant quests that every gang will offer, and they are related to one achievement. For now, take the quest, and I’ll offer more details further below.

Nuka World Power Plant

Head on to The Parlour and meet Mags Black, the leader of the Operators. Again, another introduction where you can buy into their beliefs, or dismiss Mags’ plans. She will also offer up a quest to help out her gang. Finally, head on over to the Pack and meet their leader Mason. This introduction follows a similar pattern, however if you can pass a few tough speech checks with Mason, he’ll hand over the unique weapon The Problem Solver. He’ll also offer up a Pack side quest which you can grab too. After meeting all 3 leaders, the quest objective will direct you back to Gage, but let’s first work on these side quests.(Side Quests) Nuka-World Gangs

The achievement Raiding for a Living requires that we complete 12 separate radiant quests for the different Nuka-World gangs. It’s best to get this out of the way early, as decisions later on could potentially make this missible. It is unfortunately a little tedious, but that’s achievements for you. Each gang leader will offer up one quest at a time. All of these quests take place in the Commonwealth, so it makes sense to grab 3 at a time (1 from each gang) and then travel to the Commonwealth. This means you’ll only need to make 4 return trips to unlock the achievement.

Rhe Quest

The quests are radiant, so they follow a similar pattern. You’ll typically be doing one of the following:Locating a target and fitting a shock collar to themLocating a target and killing themMeet with gang members and secure/defend a cache of supplies

Now the target for each of these are random, and could potentially be against a faction that you have otherwise good relations with (Minutemen, Brotherhood, etc.). If that is the case, don’t hesitate to reject the quest when first being offered it. You can then immediately talk to the gang leader again to acquire a new one. It will also often be the case that the target for killing or placing a collar will be a random NPC located in Diamond City. This adds the additional complexity of trying to avoid pissing off the local guards.

You can just refuse these (you’ll have an idea it’s one of these targets when the quest giver says the target is “a nobody” or “someone you don’t need to worry about”), or you can accept them, and lead the target away from Diamond City before placing the collar or killing them. This does take a little longer though and can be difficult at times.

Nuka World Power Plant

Whatever approach you take, make sure to accept all 3 quests, then head to the Commonwealth. Complete your assignments, before travelling back and turning them in to each gang leader. As you turn them in, you can then immediately take on another quest. Once you’ve completed this process four times, you’ll have turned in 12 quests total, unlocking the following achievement:An Ambitious Plan

Returning to Nuka World

With the tedious side quests out the way, we can return to Nuka-World for good and continue on with the main quest. Head back to the Fizztop Grille and speak to Gage. Update him on your introduction to each gang and he’ll explain the next part of his plan. He wants you to enter each of the separate parks that make up Nuka-World and plant a flag denoting which gang will occupy the area permanently. He’ll also offer himself up as a companion, so feel free to take advantage of his assistance if you want to. Ending the conversation will end the quest, and trigger the next one.The Grand Tour

Nuka-Cooler – Galactic Zone (Outside)

Nuka-Void – Galactic Zone (Theater)

XNuka Sunrise – Dry Rock (Theater)

Nuka Xtreme – Dry Rock (Theater)

Nuka Rush – Safari Adventure (Welcome Center)

World of Refreshment – nukalurks and assaultrons inside

Scav #3 – house of fun

Nuka-Lixir – House of Fun

Nuka-Berry – TheaterHome Sweet Home

Nuka World Power Plant

After informing Gage that all areas of Nuka-World are back under raider control, he’ll suggest that the time is right to expand into the Commonwealth. He’ll point you to Shank, who can be found in Nuka-Town USA. Shank will detail

With the story quests over, let’s take a look at the remaining achievements in the DLC. Thankfully, we’ve made some progress towards a few of them, but there’s a little more to do still.SCAV! Magazines

Solving Issues in Nuka World Power Plant

First let’s clean up the SCAV! magazines. We located issues #1 and #3 during the DLC quests, but there’s still 3 more to track down.

Issue #2 can be found in the Nuka-World Junkyard, which is on the edge of the map, directly west of Nuka-Town USA. At the junkyard, head inside the barn on the north side and make your way to the top floor. There’s a couple of robots here to deal with, but they’re easily defeated. On the top floor you’ll find issue #2 on a desk.

Issue #4 is found at the Grandchester Mystery Mansion, which is directly south of the Junkyard where we found #2. It’s hard to miss on the otherwise flat valley floor. The mansion is an extension of Nuka-World, so you’ll be forced to follow the guided tour through the mansion before being able to access the magazine. The tour is rigged with booby-traps though, so keep an eye out for trip wires, as well as a selection of robot foes. At the end of the tour you’ll encounter Zachariah, who has made the mansion his home and is rather annoyed that you survived his many traps. After defeating Zachariah, make sure to grab the Nuka-Punch recipe (# of 15) from the side table. Continue through Master level locked door (you’ll need the necessary perks) and you’ll find issue #4 of SCAV! in the attic above.

Issue #5 is in Dry Rock Gulch, which we’ve obviously been to before. However, it’s in an area that’s now easily accessible thanks to restoring the power to Nuka-World. You’ll find the Dry Rock Gulch Employee Area on the eastern side of the park,

With all 5 issues of SCAV! collected, you’ll unlock the Diebrarian achievement:Nuka-Recipes

To unlock Beverageer, we need to not only locate all 15 Nuka-cola recipes, but also craft each of them too. We’ve collected a good number so far, but there’s a few left to track down. If you didn’t follow the story walkthrough above, then refer there for notes on any recipes not included below.Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread.

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Nuka World Power Plant

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