How Parents and Communities Can Help Together for Children Education?

How Parents and Communities Can Help Together for Children Education?

To be successful in academic years, for children. t is important to have good environment at his home and also around his home. Children education affects by these 2 factors. Cause it affects the psychology of the children. And as child they are more responsive to the environment. We also read many legends stories those who gave best in worst childhood conditions. But it is not necessary to be truth for every child as every child will give different response to negativity.

Also, society Cames into the role cause society indirectly affects parents of children. If you have history of academic success. You may see from specific area or location that always give optimal academic outcomes, where some areas known to bad for academic success. Some community promotes academic success, some promotes business success philosophy, and some have different propagandas. Here we do not discuss what is right or wrong. But this article is focusing on Academic Success of children and how it gets affected by Parents & Society.

Culture & Finance of Parents Effects on Children Education

Apart from that culture also plays vital role in upbringing of child, you can see the difference in parenting even in same apartment or in same colony because they are from different culture. Also finance, wealth of the parents affects the children academic success.

Cause sometimes even parents have brightened child but lack of money for taking admission to some collage, where that specific course is provided. Fortunately, some societies also provide scholarships for students who have excellence in their academic career. This will be considered as good role of society in the child’s education.

Apart from those old helping methods from society and parents to Childrens. They can have academic promoting gatherings, where the academic talent inside the children gets inspired and expressed.

Also, a good society can force, suggests the governance to provide good academic facilities to the children via unity. A wise people in the society should take part in such movements. For that on personal level we have to left ego and selfishness.

Cause we also seen people in society who only thinks for their children but in very rigid way. They want their child to be first, on any demand whether it harms other child or not. Some people use their power in wrong way to pass their child through political or social pressure. That’s obviously totally illegal and good thing India government is always Strick for those malpractices. But where law and orders are weak, there children education affected by bad peoples from society.

In short term such malpractice may seems to be good for their child. But in long term it is not good for children. Also, it is literally snitching someone’s right unethically.

So, if you are parent and part of society, then there is hug responsibility on you not only for your child but also other Childrens in the society.


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