Hot photos: How they destroy your Life?

Hot photos: How they destroy your Life?

How does a common practice of browsing hot sexy suggestive pictures of models actresses and celebrities affect your daily life. You might think the influence is nothing or at the very least it is only minor. By the end of this blog I will have proved it to you that it is nearly destroying you.

hot photos

Let’s say you start a day with a decision that you’re going to study for two hours today. Now studying doesn’t necessarily apply to students if you are a person with a job business learning is crucial for you just as much as it is for any student. So you decide to learn study research create something but out of habit you open your Instagram, Facebook, snapchat or any such apps. In these apps you’ve liked all these pages of beautiful girls fitness models lingerie models actresses pop stars and random girls who like to post pictures of themselves. As a result you get to see one sexy picture followed by another.

Hot photos: How they destroy your Life? porn?

Now why do you think they post those pictures?

1) because there is a huge market for it they know you are looking for them.

2) for more followers and money when there is a well-established market for semi nudity or sexy pictures and certainly a number of attractive people will take advantage. So they post highly researched pictures that are known to get most number of likes.

3) They don’t give a crap about your life. When you look at these pictures there are 3 types of thinking processes that guide us into becoming an addict of such a show. What are those?

Thinking process 1

It never feels like a loss of any kind. In your mind you think it’s just 15 minutes of watching pictures. So it doesn’t feel like a big loss. On the contrary you may believe that it doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on your time schedule but you know what it does it takes away your focus entirely. You sat in the morning with a define mindset. The mind was prepared. It knew the goals. Your mind knew what not to do. But then you open your phone motivated by the belief that 15 minutes of browsing wouldn’t hurt.

Imagine there is a clear well-built road laid out for you. let’s name the road focus. for 15 minutes you pick up a shovel and you dig and jag and poke the shit out of the spot right ahead of you. after 15 minutes you realize the clear Road now has a hole. the path has been slightly destroyed. But you tell yourself “don’t worry there is a fix. I will put all the matter that I’ve disrupted back into the hole and I will begin again”. But it never happens when you created that road it took preparation, dedication and after a careful amount of thought of a firm decision. Today I am going to do this. Now you’re advising yourself to walk over a blotch that you have created. You’re stuck wondering and waiting for the focus to come back. and I wish that worked. But the moment you pick up your phone it doesn’t stop. The pictures then you need text from your friends or check out what’s going on your favorite group or what your favorite pages are posted, what’s trending what’s controversial today. holes holes holes and more holes. your road has been destroyed you’re now wondering waited your focus go. “why I don’t actually like working anymore” and the hundred percent that you are going to give today gets reduced to five percent.

Hot photos: How they destroy your Life?

Thinking process 2

Second you think this isn’t adult content. the second reason why we love Instagram Facebook snapchat is that these apps give us the illusion the this isn’t pornography or that this is it obscene. it gives us that legal that guilt free feeling that you don’t get when you frequent porn sites. these apps give you the comfort that this is allowed. I have seen some of the most decent fellows following some of the most nudity filled pages on these apps without a worry. I’m not saying it’s wrong I am talking about the feeling that we get understand that distinction. no need to get conscious. the feeling says this is normal everybody is doing it so you can go ahead and like as many models and dirty pages as you want. Because of this normality we don’t categorize these pages as adult content. even though let’s be honest, a semi nude attractive girl of your choice in a position focusing on the body part she knows is the most sought-after would turn you on. just like any adult content of your choice does. And the thought after looking at such a picture in your mind isn’t “I wonder from where I can buy those bedsheet or curtains”, its arousal. so stop fooling yourself with explanations such as everybody checks out hot girls on Instagram and snapchat.

Thinking process 3

The third point is it’s free so why not. Here is an app that is very neatly compiling all the women you go crazy for and sharing the newest pictures coming personally from them. if this is not the single greatest idea to pull all your addictions with beauty in a single basket then I don’t know what is. So the features are instant availability, all in one location saving you the pain to go elsewhere and newer materials on a daily basis all these functions are more than enough to convince you to use these apps.

Hot photos: How they destroy your Life?

What these apps are really doing to you ?

1) if you suffer from porn addiction, sex addiction or excessive fapping these pictures are acting as triggers on behalf of these problems. you’re not thinking about socio-economic problems by looking at these pictures. when you look at them the only thought in your head is “hot she’s so hot”, “b**bs, as*”, “this is such a hot picture”, “she’s looking so hot in this”. where do you think all these reactions are sending you to? porn sites and if the picture qualifies enough you don’t even have to visit the porn site.

2) As I’ve already talked about with example of the road this is seriously affecting your focus – brain doesn’t discriminate. it processes all information likewise. if at one point you are focused then the next moment you start looking at sexy pictures what else do you think would happen to your focus.

3) the most dangerous thing this practice does is it is converting you into a phone addict. all day what you’re doing is this. daily spending more hours than the previous day, you’re wasting your time heavily. even when you have work to do, when you have people around you talking to you, you’re glued to the phone. the worst part is you don’t consider yourself a porn addict nor have you calculated how much time you have waste on these stupid apps Each day.

Hot photos: How they destroy your Life? porn?

Solutions to get rid of habit of watching Hot photos

  1. One solution is knowing big part of the problem is people don’t even know that it is a problem. I hope this blog makes you realize that these things are ruining your life up. Most of you might think at this moment just delete these stupid apps. I’m sorry but that won’t work. you’ve already grown accustomed to these have so much so that they are now an integral part of your life. yes the corporate billionaires have already won. What I would suggest is you either manage the time. do not touch your phone until you’re done with your work. Prioritize in your mind the works come first and then go crazy.
  2. you can manage the content. if you understand now that these pics are direct immediate triggers that are provoking you to masturbate at any time of the day which as a result leaves you miserable. then you must not follow those pages filled with graphic pictures solely meant to excite the viewer. the first piece of advice is regarding a focus the second is with regards to sex addiction.
  3. lastly if you want to all you get the get rid of the porn addiction then you will need to do both if you are still unsatisfied with the solution please share with me by commenting here.

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