Great Fishing Trip To Mag Bay

Great Fishing Trip To Mag Bay!

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Great story about one of the most exciting fishing trips I have ever been on.

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We were on a sixty four foot viking enclosed bridge sport fish. I mean top of the line, brand new with everything you could need to make your trip perfect. Anyways we go all our gear ready hear in san diego, got down to the boat about two in the morning to start her up and get ready to rock. Of course we spent the couple days before this preparing the boat with food and all our fishing gear we needed for this trip. Anyways we set off about three am after everyone getting down there from sleeping in to late of course.

Whell we untied the lines and set off for our three day trip to the magic magdalena bay aka ultimate fishing. As the trip was going on we were fishing a little on the way down but not to much, we knew that the real fish stocks were hanging out in mag bay so why waste time. The only time we would fish on the way down was if we saw something. After three wonderful days on the water we reached our destination, Mag Bay.

Since its a prety good run and we havnt had a good meal for about seventy two hours or so, I decided to pull into the bay and cook up a huge meal that would put us all to sleep. After we all woke up from the great BBQ I made everyone was ready to get fishing. Our goal was to tag and release as many marlin and dorado as possible, witch wasnt a problem at all. That night we pulled in and made dinner I stayed up a bit later than the others to make bait. Witch of course was the best thing we ever did once we started fishing the next morning.

Started up the mains and headed out to fish the magadalena bay area. Perfect day on the water with alot of birds showing us exactly where to go. Once we go all the gear ready to go with live bait hooks I told the boys to bait up and lets get it cracking. As they got there lines in the water I decided to stir up the water with some extra baits, witch in turn brought up the biggest school of dorado I have seen in years. Once they came to the top of the water you couldnt even get your bait to hit the water before they ate it. This was the most amazing dorado feeding I have ever seen, and it didnt stop there.

After running out of dorado tags we decided to move outside a bit and hit up the stripped marlin for tagging. I dont know what was going on this year but it was just amazing, a out right feeding frenzy. So after tagging fourteen marlin and countless dorado the crew was just spent, so I took us back to the bay for the night. We cooked up some fish and passed out about five minutes after eating.

Anyways if you ever get a chance to go fish magdalena Bay dont pass if up, you will regret it. We do alot of these trips each year for tagging and releasing so check out the site and see when we will be there, you could win a chance to come along with Save The Pacific Foundation.

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