Give Your Enemy the Keys to Your House

title:Give Your Enemy the Keys to Your House
author:Scott Bianchi
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:16

Everybody has an enemy, or someone they just do not like or trust. We are going to try a new exercise and give the keys to ours house, cars, and bank account numbers to our biggest enemy. Sounds like a brilliant idea, right? It must be brilliant, our government is doing just that.
I have been critical in the past about our government and our politicians in the past. I will continue to be as long as our country is run the same way. We are just four and a half years removed from two planes destroying two buildings, killing thousands of people, and ruining the lives of the people left behind. Those terrorists were of an Arabian background. Obviously not all people can be grouped together but there is a difference between sitting next to one on a bus and allowing our ports to be run by them.
In the article, Bush said he didn’t hear anyone complaining that England was running one of our ports. While it is understandable why we would let England run a port, I do not agree with that either. Why wouldn’t we run our own ports? Why do we need other countries running our ports if they are so important? China, a communist country, is running a dock in Los Angles? Does that make sense to anyone either?
It amazes me what politicians come up with and how they can justify it. I am sure that most people did not know that many of our bombs and tools for defending our country are built in China as well. Yes, our government has contracted with a communist country to build weapons we need to defend ourselves in the event of a war. My question is, who is most likely to attack us besides the terrorists? My answer is, a communist country such as China.
Of course every politician that is hoping to become President in 2008 will jump all over this situation to bring light to themselves. While this is a good reason to criticize the Bush administration I think they will have other motives. As voters we really need to begin seeing through all of this garbage. We have to make much better decisions in choosing the leaders of our country. Common sense would indicate that you would not give up control of our six biggest ports to a country that is well-known for supporting terrorism in the past.
As voters we need to regain control of the country and begin making a difference in how our country is governed. I will continue to make this plea over the coming years through many different articles. Hopefully by the next Presidential election people will be seeing things differently. If you do not like the candidates in the 2008 election you can always feel free to write my name in on the ballot, I know I could do a better job.