Fox News Fearmongers About Weed’s ‘Filthy Laziness’ Destroying Society

Fox News Fearmongers About Weed’s ‘Filthy Laziness’ Destroying Society

Grumbling approximately the opportunity that marijuana may eventually be criminal on the federal stage, a couple of Fox hosts on Tuesday complained that the prevalence of weed of their neighborhoods brought about them getting a “contact excessive” and has contributed to the decline of society.

Discussing Vice President Kamala Harris’ latest appearance on Seth Meyers’ late-night time display, America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer took the veep to mission for selling decriminalization in spite of having despatched almost 2,000 people to jail for marijuana-associated crimes while she turned into California’s legal professional wellknown.

“Starting with the weed element. It was antique Kamala,” Fox News Radio host Jimmy Failla agreed. “Heaping quantities of hypocrisy sandwiched between word salad and fearful energy.”

During her interview with Meyers, the vice president known as for regulation that might take a “uniform technique” to marijuana whilst saying “no one have to have to visit jail for smoking weed.” This came after President Joe Biden pardoned lots of folks who had been convicted of federal marijuana ownership, entreated country governors to issue comparable pardons, and directed his management to inspect changing the drug’s Schedule 1 federal category—presently the same as heroin and LSD.

With more and more states throughout the us of a now seeking to legalize recreational use, both Hemmer and Failla whipped out goofy anecdotal evidence approximately their New York City neighborhoods to make the case that a national decriminalization would be disastrous.

“If you need to legalize this at the federal level, I would endorse the lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Come to my neighborhood first and say, is this what you need all of America to be?” Hemmer huffed. “Because you may get a contact high going to the espresso keep.”

Failla, meanwhile, insisted it is “insane” in New York right now, adding that a cop these days stopped him on the road and asked whether or not he became smoking weed. The conservative comedian then went on a mini-tirade conflating marijuana use with criminal conduct and, of direction, the destruction of society. “It’s everywhere. It’s anywhere you go. And the best of lifestyles difficulty is what nobody talks approximately,” he declared. “Yeah, it’s just weed. It’s no longer pretty heroin. It’s not quite fentanyl. I understand.”

Failla persisted: “But there’s an standard decay in the community, almost similar to, like, ‘broken windows’ policing—while you begin with a reduced widespread, you notice the whole thing around it boom exponentially. And that’s what pot has brought. It’s simply filthy laziness, and I’m no longer a fan. Come on, guy!”

While marijuana legalization is rather popular among American electorate, receiving anywhere among 60 and 80 percent aid, a number of Fox News personalities have raged in opposition to Biden’s pardons and fear-mongered that the president is now liberating a “large number of drug traffickers and gang members.” And even earlier than the president introduced his present day orders on marijuana, the network’s hosts went to this point as to blame mass shootings on weed.


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