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United Nations second sustainable developmental goal is zero hunger. That is end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. One such organization in India working toward the eradication of hunger is Foodbank Indian.

Ms. Sneha Mohandas, the founder said,” Hi this is Neha from Food Bank India. First of all Food Bank India was being started or five years back it’s a volunteer based NGO so basically we have started in facebook called Food Bank chainnai. first of all that was the main story behind the food bank India. So I started a chapter of Chennai. In the beginning we have 10 plus volunteers. Now we are grown up till 25,000 members and 150 active water fiercest enemy subject. The basic motto is hunger free nation.”

The food bank doesn’t suit donate food to anybody with – stream. They make sure that they contribute food to the needy. Those who can’t talk. Those are mentally challenged or those were physically handicapped.

One of the contributor, Ms shweta agrawal said,”So we got to know about this little man from our society. Since we have a society whats app group. But idea actually I discussed with my husband and he also liked it. He asked me to let’s prepare and for some people some 10/15 people. So I think last two last we contributed for 15 people. We gave the food and this time we are giving for something of 30 people. So that actually get the satisfaction that you are doing something for the society. “

The donors keep the food very impact in the packets which is collected by the volunteers. Once every month Food Bank India conduct the mass cooking drive. Where they cook for around 100 to 1000 people. Till date they India has served over five lakh meals to the poor. The future plan is to provide employment opportunity to the needy. The employment opportunities will be such so that people can self-sustained

Food Bank United States

food bank near me

The food bank is a nonprofit organization that serves Montgomery green and pebble counties in Ohio. The food bank is a member of the Ohio Association of food banks and a member feeding America since 1976. The food bank has worked to solve hunger in the Miami Valley. Very few misconceptions about food banks, It is not a monetary bank, they don’t handle any money. They also are not a pantry we do not hand out food to people who need food assistance directly from the food bank. Instead we distribute food to remember agencies and kitchens who give out the food. There we receive food donations from the US Department of Agriculture, individuals corporations, small businesses area, farmers, bakeries, restaurants, community food drives and brochures like Kroger Meijer Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target Dorothy Lane Market and the wright-patterson Air Force Base commissary.

They receive financial support from individuals like you as well as companies, government agencies, private foundations, United Way and the combined Federal Campaign. Even your mail carrier picks up and delivers food to the food bank as part of the National Association of letter carriers. Hunger food drive donated food items include fresh produce grains nuts canned goods box staples and even special dietary items and personal care products.

The food is checked for freshness stored measured and delivered to more than 80 locations including community kitchens shelters and food pantries and Montgomery Green & prevel counties. Where it is distributed to those who need food for those not served by such programs. The food bank operates a mobile farmers market that takes food to remote communities and senior citizen centers who receives this food. We took at risk and special-needs communities adults who are unemployed and underemployed seniors families, the disabled and our military veterans. Almost half of recipients are school-aged children food bank volunteers. Even prepared good to go backpacks that allow school children to take nutritious meals home for the weekend and one year alone.

We provided food for 6 million meals for hungry residents of the Miami Valley and cash donations are tremendous help. Every dollar donated it provides for meals and $100 supports 400 meals our volunteers too are a great asset. They are encouraging those to school children they chuck food for freshness sort and pack food for delivery from our warehouse. They bag and box food for the hungry.

The food bank always appreciates a helping hand and we always have openings if you have the time to help us help your neighbors. If you would like to receive more information about the food bank, if you would like to make an individual donation or you’d like to organize your own food drive at work church or school or if you just like to learn more about the issue of hunger please visit our website at solve hunger in the Miami Valley.

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