Fallout 4 Cheats Nuka world : All Cappy’s Clue Location

I’m going to show you the 10 locations of the Cappy clues in Fallout 4 Cheats here in Nuka world. Now this is part of the Cappy in a haystack quest so to start the quest you’re going to find it in the nuketown area and you’re going to find it just outside the arcade here the Nuka Kade and what you want to do is find this woman in the green shirt she’s a little crazy but she’s wearing some glasses at the end of the conversation she’s going to hand you the kepi glasses so to start this quest you’re going to have to equip the glasses that’s the first thing you need to do.

Fallout 4 Cheats

Fallout 4 Cheats

Cappy’s Clue Location 1

Fallout 4 Cheats

You should at this point start the quest and we’re going to go ahead to our first Cappy clue location. Just past the nuke Gate. So continue through this gateway here and go to the left and straight in front of us you see the building with the two red Peaks. That is the rest room just to the left of the rest room is going to be the first Cappy clue. It is going to be on the wall. Now it’s got the letter G each of them are going to have a letter and they’re going to put those together to create the password. In order to see the clue you have to make sure you have the Cappy glasses on so there’s the location the parlor which is where we picked up the quest.

Nuka World

Cappy’s Clue Location 2

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Cheats

We’re going to head over to the Galactic zone. There’s two of them in this location so run this way and if you’re observant you’re going to see some stairs off to the right here. We’re going to skip that but we’re going to head back over there in just a moment and head over here to the start control building. Just pass that around the left side you’re going to see a gate past that gate by the way is one of the five magazine locations but also before you go through the employees only area on that wall is the Second Cappy clue in this area.

Location 3

Nuka World

From there we’re going to head back the way we came. I’m really starting to wish I did clear out this area before I started recording but we’re going to get there anyway. So here are the stairs that are going up now. We ran past these on the way to the first location but we’re going to continue up these stairs and around. We’re going to find another exhibit here this is a space walk and just to the left that on the wall is our third Cappy clue. That’s three clues so that is both of them in the Galactic zone. Fallout 4 Cheats

Location 4 & 5

Now from there we’re going to head north to the dry rock guhl guhl cheriya. When we enter this area we’re going to pass a robot sheriff what you want to do is talk to him and get a quest. We don’t have to get to complete the quest to get this next one but we’re going to need to finish that. Very short quest to get a key for the second one in the dry Rock Gulch area. But this first one is going to be in the cemetery. On the left-hand side on the backside of this tombstone is the hidden cappy. Go ahead and record that clue it is the letter e.

See the location here on the map near the theater in the dry rock Gulch area now we’re going to complete that quest that the sheriff gave us. At the end of that quest you’re going to get a key. The key is in the theater area once you got that key you are now able to enter the mines. We’re going to go inside of here with this key that we acquired now. Once inside head to the right follow the mine shaft here all the way around until we see a building on the Left hand-side. You’ll be right here so we got to drop down and you can see it sitting right here. So go ahead and record this clue. Got another one let’s go ahead.

Cappy’s Clue Location 6 & 7

Pull up the map here there we go it’s in Mad Mulligan’s mind a kart coaster. Next up we’re going to travel north go to the safari adventure area. There is going to be a primate exhibit here to the left so there’s the primate house. You see that gorilla statue sitting right outside the front of it. We have to go and jump up here and then make our way to the back side of the stand that is sitting on. So right there to go ahead and record that clue that is the first of two in the safari adventure area. Now the next one is going to be in the maze so we’re going to find that as the Cappy treehouse.

So enter the hedge maze. Maze here. Go to the right. Make another right loop around to the left just keep following this straight back you’re gonna run into a brick wall. And on that wall is the meta well the second letter e. So go ahead and record that. That is number seven and that’ll do it for safari adventure. So in the treehouse and in the primate area is where you’ll find both of them. Fallout 4 Cheats

Location 8

Now we’re going to head to the world of refreshment bottling plant. This is just north of the kitty kingdom now this is a similar to a I guess a river of love except it is a river of nuka-cola. Now once you’re inside the bottling plant we’re just going to sprint past these nuke alerts here. Then we’re going to take a right around this Bend here and we’re going to see some cactus on the left hand side you should see three of them. It’ll be right next to the third one so. There’s one here’s two and here’s the third one on the left side you see it right here on the side of this house. Go ahead and pick that record that clue. That is the only one in the world of refreshment bottling plant area.

Cappy’s Clue Location 9 & 10

Next we’re going to head down to the kitty kingdom now in the Kitty Kingdom. You’re going to see a big castle it’s right there and just to the left of it there’s going to be a tower so you can see this tower from a lot of the most of the areas within the Kitty Kingdom. If you need a point of reference so to get to this one we just need to get to the top of this tower here. Now I have my hazmat two equipped so I do not have my Crappy glasses on and you can see the cap is right here but there’s no letter you can’t record the cap. So make sure you put your Crappy glasses on in this way you can record the clue that’s. That is the first of two in the kitty kingdom area.

Now the final one is going to be in the in the funhouse right in front of us. This is kind of on the north end of the kitty kingdom area. So we’re going to go into the funhouse. This isn’t going to be towards the very end of the funhouse area now I’m not going to walk you through the entire path and getting through the funhouse because here’s no fun in that so we’re going to make our way through the spirals here.

If once you get to the end watch out for this one there’s a couple holes here you got to avoid otherwise you’ll fall through. This we’re going to head to a spinning room with a bunch of doors. what you need to do to find the final copy is go to the first door on the left which is easier said than done. when this thing is kind of spinning around. now once again I’m eye has matsuda quipped so let’s go ahead and put the crappy glasses on record that clue. That is all ten of the Cappy clue locations. Once you found them you can go back to the woman here in the green shirt. I won’t spoil the rest of the quest for you but it does continue on. I want to thank you for reading please comment.

Fallout 4 Cheats

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