Expel Arabs not Jews

title:Expel Arabs – not Jews!
author:David Ben-Ariel
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:16

“Hard-line settlers?” What’s wrong with being a settler? Wasn’t the United States founded by pioneers? Settlers? I know we were because my ancestors were honored to be among that glorious number.
The Hebrew word for settlers is actually “inheritors,” and since the United States was founded upon biblical ideals, I would hope that our professing Christian president would grasp that those brave Jews living in the Promised Land of Israel are merely inheriting what our Great Creator God has chosen to give them. What chutzpah to oppose the Word and Will of God and reward terrorism and dismember the Holy Land, piece by piece!
If loving your land and making it productive, turning the desert into a rose, and then resisting the illegal orders to move or be moved – merely because you’re a Jew not welcome among Arab enemies who clearly prove they’re not “peace partners” – makes you a “hard-line settler,” every Israeli needs to become a “hard-line settler” who refuses to despise their inheritance!
General Sharon spouts the lie about forcibly removing the Israelis from their homes and property and businesses as a matter of self-defense. Why punish the victims of terrorism? Why reward terrorism? Why not remove the threat the Nazi-Muslims pose?
If Jewish towns and villages can be made Judenrein, free of Jews, why can’t Israel clear the area of Arabs who are sworn enemies of Israel and vow Israel’s destruction? Wouldn’t that be logical? Israel could enforce peace through strength and stop the madness of appeasement that clearly doesn’t work!
If Israel had listened to the foresight and biblical wisdom of former Israeli Parliament Member and rabbi, Meir Kahane (murdered by another Arab terrorist), and removed the threat years ago, they wouldn’t be in such dire straits (with too many “victims of peace”) today (Dan. 9:11).