Eagle Sea Champ – Big Screen Big Color GPS Fish Finder

Eagle SeaChamp – Big Screen, Big Color GPS Fish Finder

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The Eagle Sea Champ 1000C is a great tool. You will be impressed with its precision and its high quality.

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You get big screen, big color performance with a WAAS GPS-Chartplotter with Dual Frequency Sounder

The Eagle Sea Champ 1000C is a great tool. Yes, we can not say it any simpler! It offers you some of the best features in fish finding gear. You will be impressed with its precision and its high quality as well. Here, let’s take a look at some of the features that makes this fishfinder something similar to the perfect tool. Here are some of the Sea Champ’s features.

You can start by checking out the Eagle Sea Champ’s awesome display. It is six inches big, just about the right size for easy viewing as you relax on your boat. It also has other features on the display that make it a good one including ultra bright for easy viewing in almost any type of light, 256 colors active matrix TFT LCD, high definition resolution and fluorescent cold cathode backlit screen and keypad. So, what does all of that give you? It delivers a clear picture that is easy to read. It gives you a picture that you can react to, meaning that you can see what type of fish are down there, the type of structure and even the size of the fish so that you can react and do what you need to, to get the big catch on board! It can be used in just about any light including at night!

Still, there is more. The Eagle Sea Champ also features some of the best in sonar. It has the capability of going 1500 feet down making it a great distance fishfinding unit. It’s technology separates fish from nearby structures or the bottom which will help you determine not just that something is there but what is there. This helps you decide if it’s something you should go after or not.

Still, there is much more. The GPS + WASS reception uses satellite technology to pinpoint your location to a few yards. This will help you to know where you are and where you need to go. You won’t get lost if you turn around too many times. All in all, this Sea Champ will deliver for you all of the features that you need to capture the fish that you need and want!

Go home with a full cooler thanks to this awesome tool!

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