Eagle Fish Easy – Telling You What s Going On Under Your Boat

Eagle FishEasy – Telling You What’s Going On Under Your Boat

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Imagine having a report telling you in advance whether you will catch any fish, before you stop the boat.

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Imagine having a report telling you in advance whether you will catch any fish, before you stop the boat. With the Eagle FishEasy 2 that’s just what you have, with its clear display telling you what’s going on under your boat.

The Eagle FishEasy fish finder is the type of tool that you just need to have on board when you head out onto the lake. Its the perfect fishfinder to help you see the fish activity below your boat. Its like having inside information about where to stop and fish. It will help you to impress your friends by helping you to bring home a full cooler of fish every time you head out. Here are the Eagle FishEasy 2’s features.

It all starts with the four inch display. The diagonal screen and high definition 240×160 resolution offers a good sized screen with all the details you need for success in your fish finding adventure. That is, it allows for you to have a very clear picture of what is down below. The high definition allows for a clear picture so that you can see what the sonar is bringing back to you. Having this clarity helps to improve your knowledge of where the fish are!

The sonar on board the Eagle FishEasy is good as well. You get a depth capability of 800 feet with 1500 watts of power. This depth is good for just about any average sized lake. It has a 60 degree highly sensitive fish detection capability. This means that the sonar is high quality enough to see some of the smallest of objects below and around your boat. This is helpful to know where to cast to and to know what your bait should be as well.

The other features that make the Eagle FishEasy’s sonar great include the technology known as FishReveal and HyperScroll. Each of these features is great. Fish Reveal allows you to see the fish hidden in the surface clutter or in the weeds at the floor.
Without this, you could miss the fish thinking there was nothing to be caught.

HyperScroll helps you adjust your setting easily to match your preferences. And, you’ll get Grayline which helps you to see fish that otherwise would blend into the bottom.

Each and every one of these features allows you the capability of finding your fish every time you try to. The Eagle FishEasy 2 is packed with features that will have you smiling the whole way home!

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