DIY Home Repairs/Easy Cartridge Faucet Repair You Can Do

Easy Cartridge Faucet Repair You Can Do!

Repairing a modern type of cartridge faucet can be one
of the easiest home repairs that you can do. In
general, anybody can do this, with or without
experience with plumbing. In fact, you can even coach
someone over the phone about the whole process and
still get good results. All you would need is pay
close attention, and you would be done in no time!

General Problems

The most common problems encountered in cartridge
faucets, is usually caused by a problem in the
interior cartridge, which usually wears and tears over
time. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry since
this type of faucet was created with simplicity of
repair in mind.

Getting Started: Purging The Lines

To start off, you need to purge your water lines. In
order to do this, you should turn off the entire water
source that is running to your faucet. Try looking
beneath your faucet and there you can see the shut off
valve that cuts of the water source. If you don’t have
one somewhere near your faucet, then you would have to
turnoff the main valve.

If you have to deal with the main valve, take note
that it would take you longer to purge. Most
households have a shutoff valve feature that is
directly placed under the sink, so it is the least of
possibilities that you need to shutoff the main valve.

After you have cut the water source, turn on the
faucet. Let the water keep on running. Try to wait
until all the water in the pipes has emptied, and
before you proceed to the next step, double check
first if the water lines are really empty.

Working On The Faucet

Now, to start working on the faucet itself, you need
to remove the sink handles. You would have to unscrew
them. Locate the protective cap and pop it off. This
is where you would usually find the screw. You can use
a butter knife or a screwdriver to do the trick. While
doing this, try to be very careful so that you do not
scratch it. In this way, it would still look nice
after the job. Now you can start unscrewing the knobs
until you completely remove them.

If you already know which type of cartridge it is that
you need, then the better. If you don’t you can simply
bring your old one to your local hardware and people
there will be able to help you out.

Once you get the new cartridge, go back and install
it. Then, replace the knobs. When you are done with
this, try testing out the water. If the test runs
smoothly without problems, then you are done.

However, if you experience some water leaks during the
test, you have to do some adjustment again. Turn off
the water source and take off the knobs once more. Try
to check and ensure that you placed the cartridge in
the right position. If it’s not, then try to maneuver
it into the right place.

Put the knobs back into place and turn on the water
source again. Try the water test once more. If this
time it runs smoothly, then you have reached success
with your repair. If you are still experiencing
problems, then you may have a problem coming from a
different source.

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