DIY Home Repairs/Easy And Safe Gas Furnace Repairs That You Can Do

Easy And Safe Gas Furnace Repairs That You Can Do

A lot of people consider the furnace as one of their
home’s most important equipments, which is very much
true most especially during cold winter months, when
getting some heat intake is very important.
Additionally this is the very reason why knowing how
to fix your furnace incase some troubleshooting
problems arise can be very invaluable.

On And Off Problems

If your furnace keeps on turning on and off, this is
usually just a simple problem with the unit’s heat
anticipator. To start repairing, simply locate your
thermostat and open it. When you open the box, you
will see inside a small disk that is located in the
middle. Take a good look at the disc. You will see
that it has a number of calibration notches.

Take a closer look and you will find the word “LONGER”
on it. Then, try to find a small handle that touches a
wire. Once you locate that small handle, turn it
towards the word “LONGER”.

After completing the steps, turn on your furnace and
let it run for a few hours. If it works alright, then
you’re done. However, if the furnace is still turning
on and off, just repeat the steps given above.
Continue doing so until the problem stops.

Shut Down Problems

This problem is also an easy one, which is similar to
the first problem. All you have to do is remove your
unit’s thermostat cover, then follow the said steps in
the first problem. But, in this case, what you have to
do is turn the clockwise to “SHORTER”, instead of
moving it toward “LONGER”. This should fix your
problem. If it doesn’t just repeat the steps until you
get it working.

No Heat Generation If your unit is not generating
heat, then the problem is most probably the pilot
light. Try to checking out your pilot light and see if
it is turned on or if it is out. If you found it to be
out, then you would have to relight it. In case you do
not know how to relight it, simply consult your unit’s
manual or contact your manufacturer. This is a
relatively easy task that you can do by simply
following some simple instructions.

No Air

If your unit is running but doesn’t blow any air, then
here is how you repair it. First, you should turn off
the power of your unit. Also, you should turn off the
gas from the gas valve which is serving your furnace.
Then, remove the door of your furnace cabinet so you
can have access to your blower.

When you already have full access, check out the
number that is stamped on the belt of your furnace.
Then, go to your local shop and get an exact
replacement of the belt.

Once you’ve got the replacement belt, then go back to
your furnace cabinet and install the new belt.
Generally, you can just slip it on your motor’s
smaller pulley then put it on your motor’s blower
pulley. Try rotating the blower pulley using your
hand, while you hold the belt in place. Be careful
from having your fingers caught though.

If you get this right, you should be able to get the
belt right in place. If it looks a little too tight,
then you may need to adjust the motor mount so there
can be more slack in the fixture. After adjusting, try
to retighten the tension again, once you have the belt
in the right place.

It would be better to check your manufacturer’s
specifications regarding the proper tension needed for
your unit. Generally, your belt should deflect at
least about an inch whenever you press it down.

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