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Where To Shop Locally

On every high street and every shopping center there is at least one home improvement store. They cater for everything from nuts and screws to designer bathrooms! They offer a wide range of services and they are reasonably cheap. There are lots of different types of these stores as well, there are the larger more general stores and there are the family based home run type of stores.

The larger stores are able to sell their goods a lot cheaper than the smaller stores as they buy in bulk and that allows the customer to make a much larger saving. People tend to turn to larger home improvement stores when they are shopping for larger items such as fitted kitchens and bedrooms. They sell everything from tiles, glass, hardware, materials and much, much more. Larger home improvement stores are built like large warehouses and are usually staffed by around 100 people or so.

The smaller home improvement stores usually tend to be called DIY (Do it yourself) stores. The don’t offer the larger items like the new kitchens and so on, but they offer great quality and great service as they are a family run business and have more of a personal touch with the customer. Their items may be a little bit more expensive than a large store but that is because they cannot buy in bulk as they could never store or sell it on. Many people who use smaller home improvement stores tend to stick with them for all their hardware needs and don’t tend to shop around, this is because they love the service and get on great with the shop keepers. These kind of stores have only about 2-5 staff working there, because of the fact the store does not have too much business, unless is it very well known and loved.

If you want a personal touch and a laugh with the store keepers then choose a smaller home improvement store as the larger ones offer rows of tills and workers that are all generic and never seem to have an expression on their face, also the staff don’t always know what they are talking about. Smaller stores offer great knowledge as they are owned by actual tradesman and not some big shot executive. I’m not saying that larger home improvement stores are bad, they are not. They are just a bit plain. They may be cheaper but going to a smaller store is well worth the money!


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