Diwali is the Biggest festival of India. In Diwali most of the Indian peoples plans their new buying. Indians do “Puja” of Goddess Laxmi On the day of Diwali.

The Diwali is 5 days festival, it starts with Dhanteras & ends with Yam-Dwitiya. 5 days are :
  1. Dhanteras
  2. Narak Chaturdashi
  3. Diwali
  4. Padawa
  5. Yam-Dwitiya


We do Pujan Of Grains this day. We have 5 small pots, in each pot we put different grains. generally we have Wheat , Jawar , Bajara, Mataki etc.. as grains.      

Narak Chaturdashi:

This day is victory of Lord Krishna over Narkasur. Lord Krishna & Satyabhama (Wife of Lord Krishna) together ends the Narkasura.      


We do Pujan Of Goddess Laxmi this day. This is Kartik Amavasya (New Moon of Kartik month), Also have great firework on this day all over the India. People shares Sweet among them selves. Wear new cloths specially planned for Diwali.      


We do Pujan Of Books. This also new financial year for some businessman. They buy new Stationary for new year. The Book cover has imges of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi& Goddess Sarswati.      


On this day Sisters came to brother’s house n brother gives gift to sister. Sister wishes great & long life of brother.      

Author : Swapnil Akolkar (https://swapnil.site)

Swapnil Akolkar

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