Corona System For Label Presses

Vetaphone has developed a compact Corona System for Label Presses. It consists of a small electrode-unit and a remote controlled generator with a built-in HP-transformer. The size of both generator and electrode-unit has been kept to a minimum. That results in allowing the electrode-unit to be mounted directly in-line on narrow web presses. While the remote controlled generator can be hidden away behind the press. The remote control operating panel can be placed conveniently at the main control panel.

Corona labelled system

The range of the system is treatment widths of up to 500mm. An output power of Corona System for Label Presses is up to 2000 watt, which is sufficient to treat almost any type of substrate. The stations are furnished with durable ceramic tube electrodes. That helps for treatment of both electrically conductive substrates (i.e. metallised film) and non-conductive film (PP, PE, etc).

For easier cleaning and maintenance the new narrow web stations have been through a re-design process. Many improvements have been added there. Among these is a pneumatic parallel sliding system that lifts the hood/electrodes away from the backing roll. This not only makes it easier to access the electrodes for cleaning, but it also makes it easier to load the film.

The control panel can optionally display the power level. As either the actual generator power output in KW, or the energy delivered to the substrate in Watt min/m2. This generator is fully computerized and an optional interface is available for central computer control in this Corona System for Label Presses.

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