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Copywriting Service vs. PLR Membership

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A copywriting service has many advantages over a PLR membership. Knowing these advantages and benefits can both save and make you money.

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In today’s day and age there are a lot of people who are looking for an easy way out; a way to buck the system. And even though there are some areas in life where this is possible, when it comes to web content you do not want to take any shortcuts.

If you are in need of content for your website or blog, you have two options available to you.

1. You can visit a copywriting service website and take advantage of their ghostwriting services. Even though you may have to shell out a bit of money, you will still be getting 100% original, quality content.

2. You can rely on private label rights (plr) articles. There are several sites that offer these types of articles for a monthly fee. The way that they work is quite simple. Every month for a set membership fee you will receive a certain number of articles. This may sound like a good deal, but do you know all of the details? To join one of these sites you will have to pay a monthly fee of up to $100 for some sites; still this may not seem bad compared to hiring a copywriting service. But with plr articles, you will also be sharing them with hundreds of other people. That’s right; you will not be the only one who uses the article.

If you cannot tell by now, each service offers its own level of benefits. But for the majority of people, hiring a copywriting service is the way to go. Listed below are a few ways that a copywriting service is better than a plr service.

1. When you deal with a copywriting service you will be getting 100% original articles that you and you alone will have the sole rights to. This means that nobody else has permission to use the articles. On the other hand, with plr articles you have to share with hundreds of other people. Sure, you may get a lower price but is it worth it? If you get caught using duplicate content on your site you will be penalized and your site may even be shut down. Search engines are aware of this problem, and are cracking down on it very hard.

2. With a copywriting service you will get articles that are written to suit your needs. If you want 10 articles on home based business you can get them. In addition, you can even specify the length and keyword density. But when you work with a plr site you get what they send, and only what they send. If none of the articles suit your needs you are stuck with content that is worth next to nothing.

3. A copywriting service gives you what you want, when you want it. If you need a certain amount of articles on a specific topic within two days you can get it with a copywriting service. At a plr site, you get what they write and they send it when they want. So even though you will save money, what are the chances that you will ever get exactly what you want, when you want it? The answer is slim to none.

As you can see, a copywriting service is almost always better than a membership to a PLR site. If you are in need of original, targeted, quality content seek out a copywriting service that you can rely on.

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