Conflicts In the Office Tips For Getting Along With Your Co-Workers

Conflicts In the Office: Tips For Getting Along With Your Co-Workers

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Life would be pleasant for in the office if you know how to get along with others.but if you’re the type who don’t make friends easily. its not too late to sharpen your office skills.

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Ever since I joined the company two years ago. I noticed that I wasn’t really that welcome in the department, at least, as far as some of my co-workers were concerned. There was a small group of women that was always “at the top of the game.” Then I came along. Excited and eager to prove myself, I actively participated in office meetings and made sure I shared my ideas and suggestions. My mistake! I blamed it on my inexperience. Welcome to the world of office politics! During meetings, rarely would they address me and ask for my thoughts. Whenever I make jokes to lighten up the mood, they would roll their eyes and ignore me. I admit, I do have a strong personality. Things became worse when my boss complimented me for doing a good job on a client presentation. Now, I feel like a ghost whenever I am around them because nobody seems to notice my presence. My boss told me to just ignore them but the situation has affected my morale and it is already causing me so much stress and anxiety.

If you happen to be in a room full of successful people, chances are, you’d notice that they all have a common denominator: They know how to get along with people. While you would notice that the people who are alone their cubicles or workstations, oblivious of the comings and goings around them, are the ones who can’t get along with others. This is a time-tested theory. Successful people are out having lunch with others. The ones you’ve never heard of, eats alone in the far corner of the cafeteria. That is the reality. When you fit in and get along with others, you can succeed and thrive in almost everything.

Whether you like it or not, interpersonal skills play a big role in the office. However, not all of us are aware or have the ability to get along with people at work. Here are some suggestions on how to get along with others:

Manage your pride. There is a possibility that you might be wrong. We all have had the experience of being criticized. Many of us initially respond by saying,”Who do you think you are? I’m better than you!” But if the criticism comes from more than one or two persons, then you must learn to accept that the comments about you might be justified. Maybe your actions or how you conduct yourself in the office needs to be adjusted or modified so that you can get along with others.

Realize that some of us have “bad days.” Your friends and co-workers have lives of their own. If one of them is in a bad mood, it’s not simply your fault, and its not your job to cheer that person up. Same as for customer who wouldn’t want to close the deal with you because of a hang-over. You simply have no control for situations like that.

Be understanding. strive to make friends among your colleagues. As the saying goes if you want to have friend, be a friend. It might sound old-fashioned, but it still works and is very applicable in the corporate world. If you want your colleagues to like you, be a friend to them. Be supportive. Offer your help once in a while.

Always look for the good in others that is the key. It’s no big secret. If you want to avoid conflicts don’t gossip. Even if you have brains and talent but poor in interpersonal skills, it won’t be fun working in the office when you are making enemies.

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