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title:Binocular Maintenance Tips – 101
author:Lu Otico
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

If you’re deciding to buy a brand new pair of binoculars in the near future not only do you need to learn what kind of binoculars will suit you best but you also should know the proper binocular maintenance to keep your optics working well for years to come. Just because your binoculars are made of durable high quality materials and craftsmanship doesn’t mean you should abuse them.
A good place to start with is the accessories associated with binoculars. Most commonly, the binocular strap, it should always maintain around your neck as a high percentage of damage is caused when binoculars are dropped and banged up. Make sure the clips and locking devices are securely fastened, as you don’t want to assume and end up with an accident. If you are physically participating in any activity that could cause your binoculars to get caught or trapped in something, be sure to remove them from your neck and store them securely to avoid any possible injuries or strangulation.
A properly fit carrying case with padding should be the only storage home for your new binoculars. Anytime the binocular is not is use, take a moment to put it away while enroute to your next hunting trip, hiking adventure, bird watching escape and star gazing hill.
Another simple way to maintain your lenses is with the eyecups, if your keeping your binoculars on your neck it’s a good idea to put the lens cups back on to keep any dirt and dust off of the lenses. Also, do not leave your binoculars in direct sunlight as the increase in heat can possibly cause damage internally and externally.
When cleaning the binocular lenses follow manufacturer lens maintenance guidelines. Never, wipe or rub dry lenses with dirt, dust or debris on it as that will scratch and damage the surface leaving you with a less than clear image. First, dust off any loose debris, and then with a proper maintenance cleaning solution or lens pen moisten the surface. Use a soft, suitable cleaning cloth to wipe residual oil and dirt away.
It is also a good idea to wipe down your binoculars with a damp cloth to remove any oils from your skin as well as any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the binoculars themselves before placing them away in storage. This will keep your binoculars looking good as new every time you take them out for that next amazing site to see.

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