Diwali is the Biggest festival of India. In Diwali most of the Indian peoples plans their new buying. Indians do “Puja” of Goddess Laxmi On the day of Diwali. The Diwali is 5 days festival, it starts with Dhanteras & ends with Yam-Dwitiya. 5 days are : Dhanteras Narak Chaturdashi Diwali Padawa Yam-Dwitiya Dhanteras: We …

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Old Christmas

Old Christmas by Washington Irving But is old, old, good old Christmas gone? Nothing but the hair of his good, gray, old head and beard left? Well, I will have that, seeing that I cannot have more of him. CONTENTS 1.     CHRISTMAS 2.     THE STAGE-COACH 3.     CHRISTMAS EVE 4.     CHRISTMAS DAY 5.     THE CHRISTMAS DINNER …

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