Britney Spears' Natal Report-Horoscope Analysis

Britney Spears Horoscope Analysis

What is inside Britney Spears personality? It’s all in the stars! Let look at the brief summary of her horoscope natal report!

Britney Spears
Born December 2, 1981 at 1:30 AM
in Kentwood (LA) (USA)
Sagittarius 1002 AS Libra 238

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Libra
Keyword: LIFE-PATH: Relating

Britney Spears Personal

Basically you are a friendly type of person, and you have a genuine and natural interest in other people. You probably come across…

What is inside Britney Spearspersonality? It’s all in the stars! Let look at the brief summary of her horoscope natal report!

Basically you are a friendly type of person, and you have a genuine and natural interest in other people. You probably come across as a sociable and charming person, and you have a special talent for creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Partnerships are alpha and omega for you, and you will seldom be alone in your life. You are willing to make many compromises to ensure that a relationship functions smoothly. Using your ability to see matters from another person’s point of view, you can defuse conflict before it begins. However this tendency may be construed by others as a reluctance to confront important matters when they arise, and this in turn evokes a confrontational attitude in those who are close to you. You have a fine discriminating judgement – use this to discern when you should compromise, and when you should make a stand.


You have a talent for dealing with people. Your social nature combined with a fine aesthetic judgement gives you the opportunity to excel professionally in areas where good taste and an ability to weigh things in the balance are needed. This can vary from creative pursuits dealing with music or objects of beauty, to consultancy or dealing with personnel. You are strongly motivated to create peace and harmony around you, and will often find yourself taking the middle position between warring parties. As a natural diplomat, you will be appreciated by those you come into contact with. Some may feel you are manipulative, but most people benefit from your genuine concern for their well-being. At crucial times in your life, you may appear to be indecisive. You can agonise about taking a decision, and no amount of information gathering will help you. Ultimately you take decisions on an intuitive level.

Britney Spears

Main Title: Challenges
Sub Title: Saturn In Libra
Keyword: SELF-RELIANCE: Social responsibility

Saturn In Libra : Britney Spears Professional

Saturn was in this sign in the years 1921-23, 1950-53 and 1980-82. There was a strong emphasis in society on the principles of justice, and on partnership institutions. Expressed in your own career, you may find yourself assuming a professional role in which your judgement and diplomatic abilities are important. You will often find yourself sandwiched between people with differing views, and your word will carry weight in these situations.

Your slow to pass judgement, and very concerned about any miscarriage of justice.

You are good at dealing with people, and can acquire a position of authority in this respect.

Your own role in society is important for you, and professional advancement depends on your overcoming shyness and fears about relating. You can feel a little stiff and formal when dealing with people, but you will quickly win their respect once you let the barriers down.

There was a general theme around the year of your birth in which commitment to others, particular in relationships, was an important issue. In your own relationships you will strive to overcome selfish needs and discipline yourself to take the needs of others into account before you take action. In this sense you are a person of your word when you make a relationship commitment.

You are also characterised by fair-mindedness and patience when it comes to dealing with others. One of the major challenges in your life is to relax more with others, and to drop a defensive formal shield which prevents a deeper, emotional intimacy. Though you are good at dealing with people on a superficial level, you can be at a loss when emotional themes are broached. Though your early life will bring challenges and difficulties in partnerships, deeper devotion arises in your love life as you mature.

Moon In Aquarius Britany Spears Professional

Main Title: Emotions
Sub Title: Moon In Aquarius
Keyword: EMOTIONS: Caring humanity

You are a very socially conscious person, strongly motivated to create cohesion in groups. Paradoxically however, you often feel on the fringe as far as your relationships are concerned. You have a taste for unusual environments and function best when you consciously choose alternative relationships where people’s differences are more apparent than their similarities. This gives an attraction to foreign environments or experimental life-styles. With your natural friendliness, deep social commitment and group consciousness you will have a special ability for working with people on the social fringe. You have a striking intuition, and may have talents for an unconventional profession.

You were brought up in an unusual parental environment characterised by rather special family relationships. You probably learned at an early age that it did not pay to be too dependent, and neither does it suit you, as you prefer friendships based on equality and shared interests. As such it is likely that your family relationships were characterised by intellectual principles of equality or liberation, whilst you may have missed the emotional supportiveness most children take for granted, although you may well have had a very friendly relationship to your mother. As many of the deepest bonds in your life are to true friends or groups, some of your greatest difficulties are experienced when these attachments are broken.

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