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Of all the subjects none is more important than covering the disciplines for success. what’s at the core of achieving the good life the major key to the good life the major key is not in learning how to set goals it is not in learning how to better manage your time it is not in mastering the attributes of leadership every day in a thousand different ways we are trying to improve ourselves by learning how to do things we spend a lifetime gathering knowledge in classrooms in textbooks and experiences now if knowledge is power if knowledge is the forerunner to success then why do we fall short of our objectives? why in spite of all our knowledge and in spite of our collective experiences do we find ourselves aimlessly wandering? settling for a life of existence rather than a life of substance? Best self discipline blog in the world

There may be many answers to this question. your answers may be different than your associates or your spouse’s or your friends. while there may be many answers to this question the fundamental answer is the absence of discipline. applying all that we know that’s the key word discipline. self discipline. we might add one more word here consistent consistent self discipline.

Best self discipline blog: Read to change your Life

Best self discipline blog

It doesn’t really matter how smart you are or how much you know if you don’t use it. It doesn’t really matter that you graduated from world class institute if you’re stuck in a low-paying job. it doesn’t really matter if you attended every seminar that comes to town if you don’t apply what you’ve learned. Better the knowledge is applied knowledge and once we’ve applied our knowledge we must study the results of that process. Apply our knowledge study the results refine our approach finally by trying and observing and refining and trying again.

Our knowledge will inevitably produce worthy results admirable results. With the joy and results of our efforts we continue to apply to learn to observe to fuel our ambition with the positive reinforcement of continued progress. pretty soon we’ll find that we’re swept into a spiral of achievement. A vertical rise to success and the ecstasy of that total experience makes for a life of triumph over tragedy dullness and mediocrity. but for this whole process to work for us we must first master the art of discipline, self discipline, consistent self discipline. it takes consistent self discipline to master the art of setting goals, to master the art of time management, to master the art of leadership to master the art of parenting and relationships. if we don’t make consistent self discipline part of our daily lives the results we seek will be sporadic and elusive.

It takes a consistent effort to truly manage our valuable time or we’ll be consistently frustrated. our time will be eaten up by others whose demands are stronger than our own. it takes discipline to conquer the nagging voices in our minds. the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of poverty the fear of a broken heart. it takes discipline to keep trying when that nagging voice within us brings up the possibility of failure it takes discipline to admit our errors and recognize our limitations the voice of the human ego speaks to all of us.

Sometimes the voice of ego says that we should magnify our value beyond our results. It leads us to exaggerate to not be totally honest. It takes discipline to be totally honest. both with ourselves and with others. Be certain of one thing every exaggeration of the truth once detected by others destroys our credibility and makes all that we say and do suspect. As soon as a business colleague figures out that we tend to exaggerate guess what they’ll always think we exaggerated. They’ll never quite hold us in the same regard again. The tendency to exaggerate distort or even withhold the truth is an inherent part of all of us. and only an all-out disciplined assault can overcome this tendency.

Best self discipline blog: Read to change your Life

Discipline blog

It takes discipline to change a habit because habits are formed a little bit each day, every day. once habits are formed they act like a giant cable. they act like a nearly unbreakable instinct that only long-term disciplined activity can change. we must unveil every strand of the cable of habits slowly and methodically until the cable that once held us in bondage becomes nothing more than scattered strands of wire. it takes the consistent application of a new discipline. a more desirable one to overcome one which is less desirable. it takes discipline to plan, it takes discipline to execute our plan, it takes discipline to look with full objectivity at the results of our applied plan and it takes discipline to change either our plan or our method of executing that plan if the results are poor. it takes discipline to be firm when the world throws opinions at our feet. it takes discipline to ponder the value of someone else’s opinion when our pride and our arrogance leads us to believe that we are the only ones with the answers discipline is a constant human awareness of the need for action and a conscious act by us to implement that action. discipline is an awareness of the constant need for action and a conscious act to implement that action. if our awareness and our implementations occur at the same time then we begin a valued sequence of disciplined activity.

Best self discipline blog: Read to change your Life

Now here’s the other side of discipline if there’s considerable time that passes between the moment of awareness and the time of our implementation. then that is called procrastination. doing it tomorrow instead of today procrastination an almost exact opposite of discipline. The voice within us says get it done discipline then says do it now do it to the best of your ability today tomorrow and always until finally the worthy deed becomes instinctive. procrastination says later tomorrow whenever I get a chance. procrastination also says do what is necessary to get by or to impress others. do what you can but not what you must. in every circumstance we face we are constantly presented with these two choices. Do it now or do it later discipline and procrastination. a choice between a disciplined existence bearing the fruit of achievement and contentment or procrastination the easy life for which the future will bear no fruit. only the bare branches of mediocrity. the rewards of a disciplined life are great but they’re often delayed until sometime in the future. the rewards for the lack of discipline are immediate but they are minor in comparison to the immeasurable rewards of consistent self-discipline. an immediate reward for lack of discipline is a fun day at the beach. a future reward of discipline is owning the beach. for most we choose today’s pleasure rather than tomorrow’s fortune.

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So how can you get rid of the easy distractions? How can you keep your mind on what you’re trying to do? How can you keep an attitude of doing it all and doing it now? In which way you can make the choice of discipline over procrastination? how can you stay focused on your ambitions? how can you avoid conversations at the water cooler? you can keep your focus on your work you can get it done today instead of tomorrow? you’ve got to really work on your consistent self-discipline on a daily basis or you’ll find yourself distracted. distracted by negative thoughts, distracted by negative people, distracted by water cooler chatter and pretty soon the type of people you’ve associated with distracted by your doubts within yourself. Never underestimate the power of influence and associations and never underestimate the power of your own consistent self-discipline.

Best self discipline blog: Read to change your Life

Now let’s take a closer look at discipline. true discipline is not the easiest option most people would rather sleep until 10:00 o’clock then get up at 6:00. It’s easier to go to bed late, sleep late, show up late, leave early. it’s easier not to read, it’s easier to turn on the television than to open a book, it’s easier to do just enough than to do it all. waiting is always easier than acting, trying is always easier than doing. imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have to make our bed in the morning or keep our garage clean or pay our taxes or show up for work tomorrow. wouldn’t it be fascinating if we didn’t have to do these things? wouldn’t it be fascinating what do you suppose would become of us you’re right not much or whatever the reason the system we live in and contribute to is designed to make the easiest things in life the most unprofitable. profitable seems to be the most difficult. our world is and always will be a constant battle between the life of ease and its momentary rewards and a life of discipline and it’s far more significant rewards. each has its own price the price of discipline or the price of regret. we will pay one or the other.

What we wish we had done is the voice of regret speaking in a sorrowful tone at a time when there is no going back. this is regret. no second chance no what would I do differently choose one or the other but both will have their price the price of discipline or the price of regret. one costs pennies the other a fortune. Dostoyevsky said there are hundreds of young men who would die for the truth but very few who would spend five years studying to know what the truth is.

Best self discipline blog: Read to change your Life

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