Best Home Automation Systems You should have

With the growing innovations in home automation industry, demand for cheap and affordable home automation electronic devices is increasing at rapid pace. There are so many electronic gadgets and electronic devices out there in the market waiting to increase your Home IQ. Choosing the right product for automating your home is sometimes overwhelming.

Don’t worry we are coming at your rescue by penning down the list of affordable home automation devices. Be ready to take control of your home and be the Master.

Below is the list of affordable devices to make your home smarter

1. Smart Plug

Smart plugs are very easy to install and can be used with any device or appliance which needs to plug in the main sockets for their operation. These basically connect your device on home wi-fi. Once you connect your device with smart plug you can turn it on or off by your app on phone or, much better, by giving voice command with Alexa or Google Mini.    

You might be started to think where it will be useful. Well, applications are heck a lot!

  • Lights
  • TV
  • Refrigerators
  • Coffee Makers
  • Washing Machines
  • In gardening
  • Air Purifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • Computers, Laptops, & Printers
  • Heaters & Acs

Out of so many Smart plugs in the market, I would recommend Topgreener Wi-fi Smart Plug 16A.

Best Home Automation


2. Virtual Assistant

Those days aren’t far away when every human will need a Virtual assistant or two. You might think I have smartphone so why would I need a separate virtual assistant? Well your smartphone is not listening to you all the time. You have to give instruction by reaching your Smartphone, unlocking it, touching/ opening app, ughh!. Boring. Virtual Assistant solves this juggle. You can make it listen all the time and get some tasks done and that too hands free. No wonder Virtual assistant is going to be mandatory for your smart home system.

Virtual assistant can

  • Make Phone Calls
  • Control your Smart Home
  • Get Cooking Ideas & Tips
  • Get The news
  • Controlling TV
  • Play Music
  • Play Radio
  • You can practically program it to do anything

Amazon Echo Dot aka Alexa and Google Mini are low cost best Virtual Assistants in the market. Its time to go and hire your VA…………………………………………………………….Best Home Automation                                                              

Best Home Automation

3. Wi-fi Switch Board system

If you want to make all of your appliances of your single room like Fan, Light, TV, etc smart and not just single device then switching to Wi-fi Switch board is really a smart option.

This Wi-fi Switch board basically meant to replace your old-style switch board with Wi-fi connected switches which you can turn on & off from your phone, Alexa or Google Mini. However, installing this in your home requires little bit DIY process and you have to make your hands little dirty with some nut screw assembly, but guess what its real cheap & fun too.

It is same as smart plug. Only difference is you don’t have to connect every device to individual smart plug. Isn’t it cool! Again my personal recommendation? Its Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 RF 4 Gang Wi- fi Switch.

4.  Security System

 Now you have got virtual assistant, replaced old switchboard with smart Wi-fi switchboard in your master room, connected fridge, oven & mixer with smart plugs, its time to take a look outside. Is there anyone trying to break your house, steal your precious stuff, kidnap you? All I am asking is do you have good security system in place.

Security Systems are actually more important for your home and family than you think. You would definitely love to have a peace of mind when you and your family are on vacation or at parents meeting or at a restaurant.

Market is flooded with different types of security systems, such as Home CCTV Camera, Burglar Alarm System, Video Door Phone System, etc. You will surely come across expensive security systems with overwhelming features if you search on internet. No doubt these expensive products do provide value, but it would be nice to have cheaper option always.

I would consider a good quality camera covering my home’s entrance area and notifying me about any intrusion. Also, if intruder breaks my door, I must have motion sensor alarm. Above two products do secure my home and are sufficient enough to provide peace of mind.

D3D 1920 x 1080p HD camera.

Best Home Automation

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