Beirut Blast

Beirut Blast- more than 2500 injured…

breaking news from lebanon the capital beirut has been hit by a massive explosion dozens of people are said to be injured and there are some reports of people trapped under the rubble the cause of the blast is not yet known it’s caused widespread damage and appears to be centered on the city’s port area it is the the wave the blast wave has turned cars upside down absolute devastation in the lebanese capital sadly a country that is used to explosions but this is of an entire different magnitude altogether.

Beirat Blast

i’m joined here in the studio by my colleague joel adelroy to talk about this breaking news story this is altogether something else we haven’t seen anything like that in lebanon in recent contemporary times and these pictures we’ve been seeing are just uh incredible and lots of people have been sharing them on social media that have been captured from the city you see a massive explosion a huge white cloud and then there’s another cloud inside that seems to be of a different color red and so forth and if you look closely at some of these images you can see what appears to be flashes inside those clouds and what we’re hearing from some of the state media reports is this could have been involved there could have been fireworks involved there’s some suggestion that it may have taken place in an area where fireworks were stored……Beirut Blast

but of course all of this is conjecture it has only happened in the last half hour and we’re still uh just trying to find out what’s going on there and also we have no idea how how many people may or may not be injured in this but on an explosion of that magnitude you would have to assume that there has to be somebody has been hurt as a result of this and as you rightly point out joel we can’t rule anything out at this point it does appear that the blast happened in the port area of the lebanese capital some are presuming that this could have been an industrial accident ……Beirut Blast

Beirut Blast

again i want to caution our viewers as well we just don’t know yet this is still a very fluid situation and i want to point out that you’re watching live pictures from the area i mean an absolute massive explosion and it comes just at such a terrible time for the country it’s economy and doldrums protests happening since months and well we just are left to wonder what’s going on in the minds of the lebanese as again sadly uh they have to deal with this explosion so some more of what we’re hearing from people on social media who were there in the city there may have been at least two explosions that have been heard across the city we know that the blasts knocked windows out as far as 10 kilometers away from the area where it happened which again was in the port district of the city so uh 10 kilometers away people’s windows uh were broken and um and uh we we can see cars overturned on the road uh and of it’s just um sending plumes of smoke up into the sky and as as you said later this is a city that’s that’s certainly known it’s its share of trouble um and you would expect that um that the the people there uh you know they they well look look at these images they’re just really quite incredible billowing smoke billowing there from what we presume is the port uh area uh there are live pictures that we’re showing you mangled buildings as well we’re going to keep track of the story you’re going to keep track on this breaking news story for us and uh well now we’re getting reports of dozens of people injured which is of course something that could be uh expected uh seeing from the devastation that we’re seeing right now joel delroy we’re going to leave it there thank you so much for bringing us the very latest do come back please to fill us in on the developments there you

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