Be Aware to the Characteristic of your Interviewer

Be Aware to the Characteristic of your Interviewer

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I’ve observed that people who interview job candidates tend to enhance a certain individual distinction. If you can sense an interviewer’s style and build rapport, you’ll have confidence in specific information.

Here are the following characteristics:


There is a time that the interviewer isn’t mentally present, maybe he/she is thinking of something more important or something happened before your interview that really bothered his/her mind. It’s impossible to impress this kind of interviewer that is distracted of something. So to keep a good impression, smile and don’t panic. Just give your best approach and offer him/her to reschedule. But be sure to address to him/her the important message and be prepared to the following interview.


This is the type of interviewer that gives jokes, smiles and tells you to take an ease. But he/she aims for you to put in a relaxed stated where you unconsciously expose too much information (ones that can be detrimental to your career) about yourself. You should be kind and friendly but always remember that you shouldn’t also get carried away. Stick with your goal.


This is a typical type of interviewer that seems not to show any emotion and inflicts tension to the applicants. The best thing you can do is stay calm, focus, show respect and confidence. This kind of interviewer observes how you can deal in this kind of scenario. And remember that most interrogator types of interviewers often became your best advocate throughout your interview process or even into the job.

Laser Beam

He/she only focuses on one topic. Like discussing about quotas, this style is for line managers. You should do is to fulfill his/her expectations to you. Satisfy his/her judgment and move on.


This is the type that wants to discuss anything. The questions are all over the place, you even don’t have a vacant time because he/she is full of questions. This is where your anxious presentation really pays off, because you can involve your strengths to many distinct exposure of the job.

Silver bullet

Believes there’s one magic question to ask — and one magic response that determines whether you’re right for the job. The Silver Bullet asks a few hasty questions about your skills. Then ask “off-the-wall” question, which he/she will ask questions you didn’t expect. Even though these questions don’t have a wrong answer he/she decides if it’s yes or no. Simply answer every question and don’t worry about your answers too much.

Alter Your Approach to the Interviewer
You step into a situation of power when you identify the interviewer’s style and adjust your approach accordingly. As you prepare for the interview, ask yourself, “How might my answers be different for different interview styles?”
With a Laser Beam, for example, you might offer him a choice when you begin answering a question (“Would you like to talk about this aspect of the job or that one?”). An achievement story for a Friendly Interviewer might focus more on your teamwork skills, and the same story for an Interrogator Interviewer might begin by stating the results of your individual work. The more you show your emotional knowledge by understanding the interviewer’s objective for that interview, the more likely he’ll be to listen to you.

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