Your Kids Addiction To Tv?

Your Kids Addiction To Tv?

The majority of us frequently hear about various forms of addiction. The fact that most of us know someone who is battling with addiction makes it much more difficult to stomach. When addictions are linked to the abuse of a drug such as alcohol. Our awareness of a problem may be based on evident and serious indicators of a life out of control. What about an addiction linked to a subtler substance, though? Can something that seems so normal, like watching TV, develop into an addiction? Of course, it can!

Since watching television literally alters your state of mind, I think it can be considered a “drug.” It can be used responsibly or abused, just like any other drug. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics advises older children to watch no more than two hours of television per day and infants and toddlers to avoid television altogether? This is why. It’s not just because of the possibility of offensive content. In fact, TV is especially potentially harmful for young children because of how much incredible stimulation it offers. Most young minds can’t handle the constant fragmentation of reality, loud noises, and flashing bright colours that television frequently contains.

Nevertheless, kids are drawn to this kind of satisfaction like a magnet. And as most parents are aware, they can quickly develop an addiction to television’s neurological stimulation. Although some have attempted to use the idea that excessive exposure to electronic media makes children smarter as justification, these theories are little more than justifications for engaging in activities that science has shown to be harmful to us.
What results from repeated exposure to the stimulation of television?

When younger children are asked to leave a stimulus they have been “hooked” on, they usually explode. Observing how easily your child can switch between watching TV and paying attention to the world around them can help you determine if they are overstimulated or even addicted. For children who are addicted to television, what they watch is less important than getting another “hit” of electronic stimulation.

Because the brain is a special organ that develops in response to its environment, “blasting” a young, developing mind with rapid-fire images may cause it to become addicted to high levels of stimulation but unable to concentrate. feel familar?

Here’s What You Can Do For TV Addiction of child

1) Encourage watching TV together as a family. Talk about the television shows you and your youngster are viewing. To make sure you maintain social contact during commercials, turn the volume down or mute the television. Additionally, make connections between television-related events and actual family occurrences.

2) Set time limits and daytime viewing windows for your television viewing. Children perform better when they have to complete tasks before watching TV TV, such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, etc., before the TV is turned on.

Don’t let television take over as your family’s background noise. When you want to watch a specific show, turn on the TV, and when it’s over, turn it off.
Talk to your kids about non-television entertainment options. When they are aware that you are willing to spend time playing games, going to the park, or helping with homework in its place, children are much more likely to accept the fact that they can only watch a certain amount of TV.

3) Not all television is the same. Look for shows that are appropriate for children’s ages. There are excellent programmes for children that do not rely on seizure-inducing images to hold their interest. Don’t be hesitant to censor shows while children are young; simply saying, “this show isn’t healthy for your brain, and I’m proud of what a clever girl (or boy) you are,” will get them on the correct road.


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