Angels & Demons

Angels & demons are on opposite sides of the spectrum and often used to portray the choices people have in life. Both represent the powers of good and evil on our world and ways to balance them out. Angels are said to be part of God and heaven while demons are said to be part of Satan and hell. Both are means in which God and Satan help to get their choices for mankind out there.

The concept of angels and demons as has to do with the personal struggles each of us has. It has been said that who you are isn’t what other people see. Rather it is who you are when no one is watching you. Do you make ethical choices that serve the best interest of the most people or are you only focused on your personal gain from it? You may have to battle with your conscious before you will know if the angel or the demon wins that particular round.

Some people have inner demons too that are consuming and destroying them. They may have lead to self destructive behaviors such as using drugs or alcohol. Yet there may be angels out there that come along to save them from such demons. It can be a slow process to recover from but it can be done. Many people will look back on such times and realize that angels were certainly watching over them or they would have died from their behaviors.

The reminder that there is good and bad in the world that we will all experience can be found in angels and demons. For example there are really horrible events that have taken place. Acts of violence that have no explanation but they are definitely evil in nature. Yet there are plenty of angels that come together to help do all they can to make the situation better. They work hard to help restore the faith people have as well after such an event has taken place.

You will find a great deal of artwork out there that shows angels and demons battling each other. These symbols are a reminder of the choice you can make too as to how you are going to react to a given situation. There are temptations all around us but it comes down to how we want to behavior that will decide if we are among the angles or the demons.

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