There’s no such thing as “not being able to get stuff done” … if you can’t launch a product, write some articles, take a freelance job, setup joint ventures… then you just don’t WANT to do it.

People will spend so much time talking about why they don’t want to do something, or why something won’t work… that it ends up wasting more time than if they had actually done it.

If you don’t want to change your present situation, then you don’t hate your situation enough. Either everything’s fine and you’re exaggerating… or you’re feeling sorry for yourself, and that makes you feel better. At that point there’s no reason to get yourself out of that hole!

I could tell you stories all day about kids who make more money than their parents, people who went bankrupt multiple times or senior citizens who lost all their money, only to build it backup and then some in just a few short years.

Either you hate it enough to make a change, or you don’t. That simple. There is no other excuse.

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