I’m sure you know people who flip out and make a big deal about everything. Maybe you are one of those people. While it might be fun or make you feel accomplished and important making a fuss, 95% of the time you need to shut up and pick your battles. After all, your time is valuable.

I have a friend whose sister went to McDonald’s once. They messed up the order, but she didn’t realize it until they arrived home. The sister called McDonald’s and complained so much that one of the employees drove to her house and dropped off the corrected order. I also have a relative who is so picky about being seen at the exact time of his appointment that the receptionists scramble to make sure he is happy as soon as he arrives at the appointment. That kind of treatment might be fun to get, but if everyone acted that way, nothing would get accomplished. So you have to ask yourself: when you make a big deal about something, are you doing it to resolve something, or are you being a spoiled baby?

You might think that getting McDonald’s to deliver food to your home is a great deal, but how angry did you have to get to argue that way? What did other people think of you? How many minutes or hours did you spend on the phone trying to correct the situation? Would it have been better to cut your losses?

Just something to think about…

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