The best favor you can do for yourself right now to improve your productivity is simply to avoid the news.

I am serious. If you have a start page on your browser, change it to a blank page so you are not pulled around in a million different directions when you go online.

If you watch the news on TV while you are eating breakfast, why not spend time talking to your wife and kids instead?

Do you normally watch TV when you get home or right before bed… even semi-news like talk shows? Read a book or talk to your partner before bedtime.

Nine times out of ten, the news is going to bring you down. It’s just that simple. There is no such thing as “peeking” at the news. You read just the front page; they get you to read more news items… that is the point of a newspaper. Honestly, do you think anything you read in the news today is going to improve your business even a little?

Do me a favor: stop watching the news or TV of any kind starting right now, try it for 7 days and compare your productivity level with or without the news.

When I quit my job, one of my co-workers came to me and said, “You’re quitting your job in THIS economy?” He has that mentality because the news shoves doom and gloom down our throats every day.

Avoid that doom and gloom. Turn off the news.

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