If you want your internet business to continue to grow year after year, you really need two business partners: one just below your level, and one just above your level. You will find that even if you partner with another marketer with your same level of expertise and income, eventually one of you will rise above the other. These partners have two purposes: the high-end partners are there for goal setting and contacts, while the low-end partner is there for grunt work.

I accidentally stumbled on accountability partnerships when I knew a marketer who did very well with site building. By “very well” I mean he was touching on $2000 per day from AdSense. Every day he would tell me how much money he made, which would get my angry to the point where I would work harder. I’d ask myself, why the heck does he make that much money? He’s an idiot! I have also partnered with people higher than my level simply for the contacts. They might have a bigger list than me and can send traffic to an affiliate program, and make us both some money.

A low-end partner is necessary once you start becoming successful. As your business grows, you’re going to get busier and busier… and your time will become more valuable. At that point, low-level tasks that you used to try yourself such as copywriting, article writing, or graphic design, could be put to better use with a freelancer, or even a partner. Most of the time I prefer to pay low-end partners an upfront fee to do work for me. If they become successful or start doing work for other clients, I might cut them in for a percentage of the profits in addition to that upfront fee. But as far as I am concerned, the only reason to give a partner a percentage is to keep him from working for someone else.

You need those partners: one above and one below your income level. Since you are stuck in the middle, you are a mix of both.

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