Something you can do today in about five minutes is schedule 4 interviews with people.

If you’re too nervous, schedule the interviews but “plan on backing out” … you’ll end up NOT backing out.

Cross-promotion (through joint ventures) is probably the fastest way to get a boost in your traffic and sales. The only problem is: you need to make the RIGHT connections!

Today, just choose four people. They might be people you’ve e-mailed, Twittered with, met at a seminar, even people who buy a lot of your stuff.

Find out if you can get them on the phone and ask them a couple of questions, and they can add it to their blog or add it as a bonus to their products. Just 20 minutes.

This is much more personal and less scary than “you promote for me” or “let’s make a product together” only really, the person you’ve interviewing is doing BOTH those things.

Schedule the four interviews. Offer a list of times you’re available and find out if they want to do the interview as a webinar (great if the person already hosts webinars, you just appear on their show) over the phone or through Skype.

Don’t forget to record the call!

I prefer to get the interviews done once per week, so maybe you’ll schedule each person on a Monday afternoon. An extra 20 minutes each week you probably would have spent on the phone anyway, or watching “Scrubs” or “The Office” … put to good use.

Or if you’re great on the phone schedule one of the interviews for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Come on, just do it. It won’t take that long. It would probably take you 60 seconds per e-mail. Find one of your warm leads, take a quick look at their blog or site to decide on a topic, say either… can I interview you about this, or can you interview me about that… record the call, instant product and JV connection.

Don’t forget to record the call, and as soon as it’s finished send him the audio to add to his blog or thank you page… or turn it into a video if you want. Just DO it!

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