Searches on the internet for exercises for lower back pain continue to increase almost daily, it seems. It’s not hard to guess why. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints seen in doctors’ offices today. More work days are being missed every year due to lower back pain. The missed work days affect everyone, not just the employee that is out of work due to lower back pain and the company they work for.

Deadlines are missed resulting in longer wait times for products and services, not to mention the smaller checks means people have less money to spend. Since many lower back injuries occur at work, a lot of companies are having to file on their Worker’s Compensation Insurance. More claims mean higher rates. Higher rate means less raises. Less raises mean money for employees to spend. Truly, lower back pain affects us all.

More and more people are turning to exercises for lower back pain instead of medication. As the FDA recalls more drugs every day, it’s no wonder people are afraid to take anything for pain. Medications can also lead to addictions. At the very least, while medications can take the pain away for a short while, they often have nasty side effects and don’t really address the root of the problem, which is the injured, lower back. Exercises for lower back pain do.

Now, bear in mind, these sorts of exercises aren’t for everybody. Before beginning any exercise routine, it’s best to talk to your doctor first. If you can, speak to a physical therapist, as well. They will be able to tell you which exercises are the best for the type of lower back pain and injury you have. You definitely don’t want to make your injury worse by doing the wrong sorts of exercises. Making the injury worse completely defeats the purpose of doing the exercises for lower back pain completely.

Once you figure out which exercises are the best for you and your individual circumstances, it’s time to work out an exercise schedule. Make a date for yourself to do your exercise every day or every other day. Be certain you check with your physical therapist the best frequency for you to follow. After the date has been made, stick to it! Your back won’t heal very well on its own. If you’re dedicated to getting better, you need to be dedicated to getting the exercises done regularly.

Also, start out slowly. Don’t rush into the exercises. Don’t feel like you need to complete a billion reps. Listen to your body as you do the exercises. They may be uncomfortable at first but they shouldn’t hurt. If they hurt, stop! Pain is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Look at the instructions for how the exercise is to be done again. Make sure you were doing it right. If you were, talk to your physical therapist again about alternations to your exercises for lower back pain.

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